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Welcome to the Exotic Dancer Invitationals!

Produced by ED (Exotic Dancer) Publications and established in 2014, the EDI (EXOTIC DANCER Invitational) contests—EDI East and EDI West—will showcase the best of the best in the exotic showgirls arena. These entertainers are honored each year with the presentation of EXOTIC DANCER’s “Overall Entertainer of the Year” Award at the Annual ED’s Awards Show during the Gentlemen’s Club EXPO (the 2016 EXPO will be held in New Orleans, August 7-10). In order to enhance the prestige of this National Award and to insure that the most qualified applicants all have a shot at the title, ED Publications has launched the Annual EXOTIC DANCER Invitationals. The winner of each EDI (East and West) contest’s “Champion” Division will be automatic nominees for the “Overall Entertainer of the Year” Award; the winner of each EDI contest's "Showgirl" Division will be automatic nominees for the "Club Favorite Entertainer of the Year" Award, while the winners of the “Newcomer” Division will be nominees for the ED’s “Newcomer of the Year” Award.

Location & Dates of the Competitions

There will be two EDI competitions held at two clubs on different dates.
EDI United States Map both

  • edi location west v1a
    April 21-23 2016

    EDI West Competition
    Platinum 84
    8485 Umatilla St.
    Federal Heights Colorado
  • edi DoubleD2 east v1a
    June 2-4 2016

    EDI East Competition
    Double Dee's Ranch & Saloon
    8162 Southern Blvd.
    West Palm Beach Florida

The EDI goes Mile High
EXOTIC DANCER Invitational West 2016 to be held
at Platinum 84 in Denver, April 21-23

Returning for its third straight year as the premier, invitational-only feature entertainer competition, ED Publications, producer of the EDI (EXOTIC DANCER Invitational), has announced that the EDI West 2016 will be held at Platinum 84 in Denver, April 21-23. The EDI East 2016 will be held June 2-4 (location TBA).

Once again, the industry’s top feature entertainers will compete for top honors in three divisions, including the hottest “Newcomers,” the more established and successful “Showgirl” features, and the prestigious “Champion” Division, reserved exclusively for previous ED's Entertainer of the Year nominees/winners and past EDI Showgirl and Champion Division winners. For the winners of the EDI’s “Champion” Division, this honor also includes an automatic nomination for the prestigious ED’s Overall Entertainer of the Year Award and the opportunity to perform on stage at the Annual ED’s Awards Show during the 2016 Gentlemen’s Club EXPO in New Orleans (August 7-10 at the Hilton Riverside). 

“We have found a very enthusiastic ‘partner’ club for the EDI West with Platinum 84, and we couldn't be more excited about bringing our contest to the Mile High city and a great venue,” says ED Publications’ Associate Publisher Dave Manack, founder and producer of the EDI contests. “Platinum 84’s Scott Richter and the staff at the club have already shown us that the EDI West will be a can’t-miss industry event. April can’t come soon enough!”

The 2015 and 2014 EDIs were full of perks and surprises, including special travel bags with the EDI logo loaded with free gifts for the competing entertainers, and guest judges including members of the popular rock band Steel Panther. Even more surprises are in store for 2016!

Feature entertainers! If you’re interested in being considered for the 2016 EDI contests, contact EDI Producer/ED Publications’ Associate Publisher Dave Manack at dave@edpublications or ED’s PR Manager Kristofer Kay at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call the ED office at (727) 726-3592. Much more information, including extensive coverage of the 2014 and 2015 EDI contests, titles that are offered, etc., can be found on www.theEDIs.com.

The 2016 EDI contests are sponsored by Safari Sun/GentClubShirts.com and PlanetPlatypus.com.

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